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Anti-Fraud Statement

Recently, another scammer pretended to be an employee of the company and used “Alex Kwan” to defraud, and the amount of money involved was huge. In view of the rampant fraud, in order to prevent scammers from changing their identities and repeating their tricks, a special announcement is made (click here for details). Remind again: the company has legal documents or invoices for any transaction to protect the rights and interests of all parties, please do not transfer money privately to non-company or any unknown account. There are endless scammers, please stay vigilant, and if you have any questions, please call AGPS for inquiries.

If any organization or person reprints or uses the trademark in the name of the company or for any purpose without prior authorization from the company, the company reserves all rights to pursue and claim.

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AGPS has facilitated many successful commercial cases for over 10 years, with over 3000 monthly visits from potential commercial buyers. In order to facilitate buyers and sellers to understand market needs, AGPS will share data weekly from now on. For business valuation, transformation, or sale advice, please call our Business Consultants.

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