How to sell your business?

Selling a business takes months, sometimes years to complete. Unless you plan to sell a small business to a friend or family member, in most other situations, you will need help from a professional consultant.

Buying and selling a business is a complex undertaking that involves lots of considerations. A suitable professional (a consultant, accountant or a lawyer) will guide you through the process, prevent mistakes due to incorrect timing, invalid contract, unqualified buyers or wrong valuation. You can save time and effort to do what you do best, the business itself.

The corporate can choose to sell partial or the whole of their business, or just become a franchise. If you plan on franchising your business, you will need to evaluate if the franchisee is a good fit. You can either do it yourself or outsource to business advisors. If you plan to transfer the ownership via sales of shares, lawyers shall be engaged for a binding contract to protect the interest of all parties.

In any case, lots of negotiation, discussion and errands will be involved in the business selling process. It’s recommended to appoint a centralized agency service like AGPS, our services include the following:

  1. We will start by protecting you with a non-disclosure agreement. We will conduct market research of your business, prepare case presentation and a list of detailed information to shortlist potential buyers.
  2. We will assess your business objectively. Our valuation process will independently review your financial data, calculate tangible and intangible assets, forecast future cashflow using profit multiples, market trends, and other appropriate factors.
  3. Service commission is determined according to the complexity of the project. If you choose to entrust us with the process, we might also suggest ways to increase the value of your business through marketing and rebranding. It will be at your discretion to decide on other spendings that could make the sale more attractive.

Note: The process of selling to a competitor is the same as to a non-competitor.

In the end, selling a business is not only time-consuming, as in can be an emotional adventure for many. AGPS’s help will definitely lighten the load, freeing you from hardship and unnecessary spendings. At the end of the day when you look back at the journey, we guarantee it’s all worth it.

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