AGPS won the Hong Kong Most Valuable Corporate Awards (HKVC) – Most Reliable Entrepreneurship Consultant of the Year

Yesterday (June 16), AGPS was awarded the Most Reliable Entrepreneurship Consultant of the Year by Myth Focus. For the past decade we have been providing professional advice to the development of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), and have earned recognition for our services.  We are very grateful to our customers for their support over the years. AGPS commits to continue assisting SMEs in Hong Kong to overcome challenges together.

【HKVC 2022】

The Hong Kong Most Valuable Corporate Award is the most prestigious and recognized business award in Hong Kong. It aims to highlight the pioneering achievements and success of enterprises, with outstanding achievements in service, performance and innovation.

【Introduction to AGPS】

Founded in 2012, AGPS is an innovative business consulting company – a platform that brings together well-established business, entrepreneurs and investors to assist in business succession and transformation.

Our company name AGPS stands for Amazing GPS, the very compass that guides you through your business journey. Unlike our competitors in the market, we are more willing to listen to your goals and concerns.  We value professionalism above economic interests, reveal the true picture behind the business which leads to the most suitable solution.

We integrate traditional wisdom with innovative thinking to help enterprises rise above the waves. Beginning in 2022, AGPS will conduct extensive and ongoing research to create the most comprehensive business buying and selling process and provide a suite of online services that enable clients to analyze, compare and obtain information on business valuations, market conditions and more.

【Team Profile】

Extensive Industry Experience: In the past ten years, AGPS has served countless entrepreneurs and well-established business, and has successfully closed more than 300 cases.

Strong Customer Base: We have accumulated a group of entrepreneurs and investors with strong business insights and financial resources over the years.

Reliable Gatekeeper: With our robust and well-established buying and selling process, we are able to identify solid and high-quality business opportunities, and validate the legitimacy of the buyer and seller. We also provide advisory and consultation services by adding innovative elements into a traditional business model.




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