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「The Most Professional And Reliable Entrepreneurship Consultant Of The Year」
Hong Kong Most Outstanding Business Awards 2022

Founded in 2012, AGPS is a new type of business consulting company – a platform that brings together high-quality industries, innovative companies and investors to assist in industrial innovation and transformation.

We are more willing to listen than any other business company that buys and sells business, just like AGPS’s company name: Amazing GPS, with the goal of navigating your business. We put professional reliability above interests, show the truth behind corporate business, and help companies find solutions.

We cooperate with different enterprises, professionally pass on traditional wisdom, combine innovative thinking, and help enterprises to rise above the waves. Beginning in 2022, AGPS will conduct extensive and ongoing research to create the most comprehensive business buying and selling process, and provide a suite of online services that enable clients to analyze, compare and obtain information on business valuations, market conditions and more.


It is our responsibility to present the business to clients (buyers and sellers) completely and truthfully, so the sales process and details are very important. As your partner, we are involved in the entire transaction process to ensure the best value for the business.


From the first meeting to the after-sales follow-up, we are by your side to ensure you fully understand the sales process. We will explain every part of flow, including detailed valuations, business models and strategies for buying and selling, and transaction negotiation.


We stay on top of market trends, focus on updating business models for individual, corporate and institutional clients and providing strategic advice to ensure that business can stand out from the competition, break through bottlenecks, and obtain long-term stable returns.

Ensuring Business Sustainability And Inheriting Wisdom

Our Service

AGPS, An Extraordinary Business Consultant

We provide both seller and buyer with contractual protection while at the same time, we analyze the background, ability, character, and business participation of the buyer and seller to come up with the most appropriate match.

The most important aspect of facilitating a transaction is trust. It is our responsibility to set terms on the basis of mutual trust, anticipate the problems that may arise in the transaction and provide solutions. This is how we stand out from free online business selling platforms.

  • Extensive Industry Experience: In the past ten years, AGPS has served countless entrepreneurs and well-established business, and has successfully closed more than 300 cases.
  • Strong Customer Base: We have accumulated a group of entrepreneurs and investors with strong business insights and financial resources over the years.
  • Reliable Gatekeeper: With our robust and well-established buying and selling process, we are able to identify solid and high-quality business opportunities, and validate the legitimacy of the buyer and seller. We also provide advisory and consultation services by adding innovative elements into a traditional business model.

Business Succession

We match entrepreneurs based on their background, interests, expertise and resources with industry and business most suited to them.

Capital Injection

We find reliable investors for growing enterprises, who support them with funding, resources and technology, allowing them to thrive.


We connect high-quality franchises to suitable entrepreneurs, enabling them to start on the basis of a stable and established brand. At the same time, the brand can leverage the skillset and resources of the entrepreneurs to further expand into the region.

Provide Comprehensive Business Support

Our team can provide expert business advice on issues you may face during the start-up, scale-up, transition or exit stages of your business life cycle. Our services include business succession, business buy-out, asset transfer, franchising, etc.

Professional Field

Our due diligence process includes: reviewing the business, summarizing its structure, conducting interviews and financial review, and researching the industry. This allows us to proactively address any issues that may affect future sales of your business, provide you with an accurate value estimation, and develop a comprehensive plan to sell the business to potential buyers.

Preliminary Valuation

Estimates are made from several factors such as brand history, management, profit, and business development trends, as well as calculations of the payback period

Find Investors

We make analyses to match suitable businesses according to the background, ability, personality, and business participation of the buyer and seller.

Contractual Protection

We provide all-rounded contractual protection for the deals, including but not limited to purchase asset listings and non-compete agreements. We also assist with handover training, payment terms, financial reviews, leasing arrangements, pre-settlement debts and liabilities.

Strategy And Consultation

We provide continuous consulting services to SMEs and start-up companies, which covers corporate analysis, market positioning, business models, market updates and business trends.

Our Partners

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