Anti-Fraud Statement

Recently, another scammer pretended to be AGPS (referred to as “the company” below) to carry out fraudulent activities involving a large amount of money. Therefore, given rampant fraud, we now announce the following matters to avoid further victims.

First, AGPS will not ask customers to transfer money to any unknown account privately. Any transaction conducted by the company will have legal documents or invoices to protect the rights and interests of all parties.

AGPS will not simply collect money from customers in the name of capital injection or transfer. For example, suppose a customer is interested in any capital injection project of the company. In that case, AGPS always explains it clearly to the customer under strict procedures and meets with all parties to ensure that the customer fully understands the project before proceeding with the transaction.

Furthermore, AGPS found that the scammer used the same name—— “Alex Kwan” to cheat. To prevent the scammer from changing his identity and repeating the trick, please call the company’s hotline to verify the identity of the staff. AGPS will only ask for personal information from customers under the relevant buying and selling transactions.

If any organization or person reprints or uses the trademark, including the company’s name, or for any purpose without prior authorization, AGPS reserves all rights to pursue any claim.

Beware, scammers, please stay vigilant, and if you have any doubts, please call +852 2806 0868 for inquiries.



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